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Founder's Day Committee

A. Youth Committee Members and Assignments
B. Adult Committee Advisers
C. Goals and Objectives
D. Preliminary Program plans for the Conference

A. Youth Committee Members and Assignments:

Robert Rodriguez - Conference Vice Chief
- Other Events, Management, Stage Scheduling
Dave Yoder
- ArrowFair 2000
Keith Brodock
- Coordinating Guest Speaker, Rededication Ceremony, Tshirt Factory

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B. Adult Committee Advisers:

David Halliday - Lead Adviser
Douglas Fullman
Charles Haseman
Brian Hashiro
Del Loder

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C. Goals and Objectives:

  • Provide an exciting day that focuses on the Founder's concepts of brotherhood, cheerfulness, and service.
  • Showcase new ideas from outstanding lodges across the country
  • Provide learning and inspiration so attendees will promote and implement the skills and traditions of NOAC back home

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D. Preliminary Program plans for the Conference:

Founder's Day - OA's All Star Showcase!

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Revised 4/21/00.