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Web Chair's Comments & an Adviser's Note

Founders' Day
Lots of activity at the Founders' Day Celebration

Competition Results
Check out the final results for various sports competitions, American Indian Events, newspaper competition, web site judging and more.

NOAC Web Site Information
Find out about the NOAC Web Site and Web Site Staff.

Mascots and Friends
Strange critters that accompany Arrowmen at NOAC.

Shows Backstage Tour
See all-access backstage tour of the Shows area at Thompson-Boling Arena.

Theme Show
NOAC Theme Show The Arrow Found on Wednesday Night.

Goodman Gala
A night with ice cream, fireworks, fellowship and a band.

Memories of NOAC 2000
See the various pages produced live at NOAC 2000.

Attendance at NOAC 2000
The attendance numbers are in for NOAC 2000.

NOAC 2002
Find out about the next NOAC.

Revised 8/2/00

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