What Will You Discover?

What can you discover?  Reflecting on this helps us see what our capabilities are, along with our limitations. From school, to profession, to Scouting, to a soccer game, recognizing our abilities is critical to finding our purpose in life. One way to do so is through self-reflection in the great outdoors, which provides a sense of calm and peace that may not be found in other environments due to the intrusions of daily life. With the outdoors, we shift our focus from “how can I complete this project by the due date” to “how can I improve myself and focus more on making others matter?”

The freedom we find in the outdoors contributes to our capacity to think and self-reflect. This independence shifts our focus from irksome tasks and weighty responsibilities to where our efforts should really be placed. Nature and the outdoors resonates in the depth of our souls. Without the distractions of everyday life, we can turn inward and focus on our own purpose. With the freedom of the outdoors, we have more opportunities than we have during our “regular” routine.  When you are next in the great outdoors, what will you discover?