Host Camp Spotlight

by Nick Prins

Camp Strake

This weekend, Southern Region Chief Nick Morey has spent his time at Sam Houston Area Council’s Camp Strake. A camp with over 2,800 acres of land in Cold Spring, Texas, Strake features a STEM center, 28-acre lake, a zipline, 32-foot-tall climbing tower, a pool, ATV program, and so much more! In addition to being described as the perfect place for Scouts to come and make irreplaceable memories for years to come, Camp Strake is also the home of Colonneh Lodge, the Southern Region’s Momentum: Discover host!

We had the opportunity to talk with Jake W, Colonneh Lodge Chief, and asked him if there was anything that he would like to say to Scouts and Arrowmen across the nation.  He said “I want to challenge all Scouts and Arrowmen to not give up and continue to give back… even when we feel like we are on the home stretch, this fight is not over, and our communities will need us for years to come. Our communities rely on us for all of the amazing things we do, and we must continue to strive to always find new ways to give back.” During Momentum: Discover, Colonneh Lodge will be hosting their annual spring fellowship with troops that are attending summer camp at Camp Strake, so they all can have a fun-filled weekend with plenty of time to grow in fellowship. We also asked Jake why he camps. Jake said, “I camp because Scouting taught me how to love nature and enjoy going out and immersing myself in the wilderness.” 

Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch:

This weekend, Western Region Dakota Morosi has spent his time at Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch of the Denver Area Council. Situated on over 3,300 acres of land outside of Denver, Colorado, Charles S. McNeil Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch is home to a premier mountain biking course, natural rock climbing areas, and two exciting themed outpost camps! In addition to being an exciting Scouting destination for Scouts in Colorado and across the nation, Peaceful Valley is home to Tahosa Lodge of the Order of the Arrow!

Today, we had a chance to speak with Carissa S., lodge chief of Tahosa Lodge. This weekend, she’s running a lodge executive committee retreat to work on fellowship planning and training with her vice chiefs. When we asked her about why she personally camps, here’s what she had to say: “I camp because of the opportunity to make new friends and strengthen current relationships.”