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OA Staff Jamboree Scholarship

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Order Launches Recruitment for 2013 Jamboree

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Final Weeks to Register for OA Staff

Only weeks remain before all three programs for the National Jamboree OA staff are full. OA Service Corp, OA Trek Guides and Day of Service OA Crew Leaders still have slots available (650 total). Over 1040 Arrowmen have said YES to the Project 2013 Survey.

Click here for the Jamboree Staff Registration on the Summit BSA web site, register, and pay your deposit or you will soon NOT have an OA Staff position at the 2013 Jamboree.

Project 2013 begins largest Corps recruitment in OA history

Join Project 2013 to serve on staff at the 2013 National Scout Jamboree with the Order of the Arrow. Project 2013 is recruiting 700 Arrowmen who are excited and dedicated to cheerful service to support the 40,000 Scouts attending the jamboree. This corps will be the largest in the Order's history. To learn more about Project 2013, click here.

Special NOAC session to be held for Project 2013 Corps Members

At the 2012 National Order of the Arrow Conference, the Project 2013 corps members will gather for a half day training session to prepare for the 2013 National Scout Jamboree. The training session will include guest speakers, a corps orientation, and special recognitions for corps members attending NOAC. To learn more about the NOAC training, click here.

"OA Service Corps is THE way to see the Jamboree. You get the chance to spend time in every area of the event, meet hundreds of amazing Scouts and Arrowmen, and feel the joy of cheerful service to thousands of people you will never know. Right up there with OAHA and NOAC, it is one of my favorite memories of my time in Scouting."

Jonathan Hillis - 2011 National Chief