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2005 Jamboree Header

2005 National Jamboree TOAP

Key Youth Committee Members and Assignments
Scott Robin Jamboree Vice Chief
Jim Letourneau Administration
Brandon Beery Administration
Jarrod Hunt Cooking
Alex Enerson Arrowmen Sharing Knowledge
Chase Budziak Arrowmen Sharing Knowledge
Sean McGee Leave No Trace
Joe Fischer Leave No Trace

Key Adult Committee Members and Assignments
Dan Segersin Lead Adviser
Bob Westmeyer Associate Adviser
Marty Zvonar Administration
Andy Martin Arrowmen Sharing Knowledge
Tim Beaty Leave No Trace
Dave Moskal Cooking

Programs being conducted at the National Jamboree
  • Arowmen Sharing Knowledge
  • Forrestry Service Display and Demo
  • Backpacking Exhibit
  • High Adventure Exhibit
  • Cooking Exhibit
  • Leave No Trace
Arrowman demonstating cooking

Why Should Scouts At The Jamboree Come To Your Events?
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  • Tennis Ball Launcher
  • Leave No Trace Course
  • Rock Walls
  • Monkey Bridge

Revised 5/16/05