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2005 Jamboree Header

2005 National Jamboree OA Shows

Key Youth Committee Members and Assignments
Jameson O'Guinn Jamboree Vice Chief
Wesley Heyser Drew Dougherty
Gary Nuzz Sean McCabe
Mike Price Nelson Nakatsu
Frank Sturges Matt Madderra
Jim Ellison Rick Passanis

Key Adult Committee Members and Assignments
Bruce Sanders Lead Adviser
Max Sasseen Technical Director
Randy Cline Performance Director
Sean Cox

Programs being conducted at the National Jamboree

Twelve Cubed Logo

Twelve Cubed represents an equation for life, a formula for values. It is the value obtained by applying to one's life both the 12 points of the Scout Law and the 3 promises of the Scout Oath: a multiplication, if you will, which has an exponential effect upon that life.

Why Should Scouts at the Jamboree Come to Your Events?
Shows Staff at the 2001 Jamboree

Scouts should attend twelve cubed because, through a staggering amount of hard work, the Order of the Arrow has developed a show that is full of fun and excitement.



Revised 5/16/05