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2005 Jamboree Header

2005 National Jamboree American Indian Activities

Key Youth Committee Members and Assignments
Matt Agarwala Jamboree Vice Chief
Rick Miller Indian Lore Merit Badge
Mark Augustine Administration
Tom Dickson Pow-wow
Pete Whiting Indian Village

Key Adult Committee Members and Assignments
Ron Bell Lead Adviser
Darrel Donahue Indian Lore Merit Badge
Terry Honan Administration
Ken Hood Pow-wow
Wayne Dukes Inidan Village

Programs being conducted at the National Jamboree
  • Three Pow-wows
  • Traveling Tribe
  • Dance Story
  • Six Geographical Indian Villages
  • Indian Lore Merit Badge
Arrowman Performing a Dance at the Jamboree

Why Should Scouts at the Jamboree Come to Your Events?
A Scout Learning to Dance
  • Earn Indian Lore Merit Badge
  • Learn & Observe Numerous American Indian Dance Styles
  • Get insight into the everyday life of the American Indians



Revised 5/16/05