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2001 National Jamboree:
A Visitor's Perspective

By Christopher Smith

Lights, Camera, Action!Big! If one word could be used to describe the event, big would be fitting. With over 40,000 participants and staff, the Jamboree is considered to be one of the largest events in the United States. To a visitor, there was just too much to cover in one day.

The SCUBA poolsThe event has four regional "action areas." They can be described as mini-jamborees. Each action area provides the same activities, including archery, rappelling towers, BMX, pioneering, and more. This allows a participant or visitor to stay in one area without missing out on any fun.

Other exhibits areas, special events, a Merit Badge Midway, a conservation area, and more were located between the action areas. Those included the Order of the Arrow areas such as TOAP, the American Indian Village and Scoutopia.

Inside Scoutopia
American Indian Village
A look inside the world of Scoutopia
Scouts learn from experts at the American Indian Village

Scoutopia was one of the most popular areas of the jamboree. The Order created this show as a way to deliver Scouting's message through theater. The show combined talented actors and outstanding special effects to create an attention keeping show. The show schedule was designed so every Scout at the jamboree could get a seat. That was about 4,300 spectators each day.

The World-Famous Jamboree Closing ShowThroughout the Jamboree, Order of the Arrow members proved to be a major part of the activities. Overall, the Jamboree has a lot to see in one day. With over 5 square miles of activities, the Jamboree is a once in a life time opportunity for visitors and participants.

(Christopher is an Arrowman who was able the visit the Jamboree for a day.)

Revised 10/04/01