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2001 National Jamboree:
The Outdoor Adventure Place

By Adam Hanna

This colorful gateway welcomed Scouts to the TOAP Area. Over 18,000 Scouts and Scouters can't be wrong. "The Outdoor Adventure Place" at the 2001 National Scout Jamboree was a total success. Exceeding the 1997 Jamboree numbers by over 4,000 Scouts, the attendance pleasantly surprised the TOAP staff.

"TOAP was one of three program areas that the Order of the Arrow provided to the Jamboree", says Marty Zvonar from TOAP Administration. "It was a big hit."

Experienced Scouters presented at TOAP.

TOAP contained several areas, each focused on a different group of outdoor skills. Experienced Scouts and Scouters staffed each area, along with some outside experts, and gave presentations and demonstrations.

The Leadership Training Area was very popular. It featured activities that involved problem solving with a patrol of Scouts.

A U.S. Park Service Ranger presents the "Leave No Trace" program to Jamboree participants.
TOAP participants experienced a wide range of outdoor Scouting activities.

In the Leave No Trace area, the National Park Service, US Forest Service and the National Outdoor Leadership School worked together to put together a 50-minute presentation. Participants would go from tent to tent to see a particular Leave No Trace skill demonstrated.

TOAP Staff demonstrates outdoor cooking. The Model Campsite area showcased nearly all the cooking equipment, tents, packs, and other items found in the Boy Scout Catalog. The highlight of the Model Campsite area was the cooking demonstration where TOAP staff continuously prepared meals in order to demonstrate outdoor cooking.

Scouts enjoy the Tire Swings. Scouts and Scouters found many ideas for Physical Fitness activities to take back to their Council camps in the Arrowmen Sharing Knowledge area. Some of the activities included Tire Swings, Blind Maze, Climbing Walls, a Vaulting Wall and an Inclined Cargo Net.

As you can see, TOAP was once again a highlight of the National Scout Jamboree. The experienced Arrowmen at TOAP were successful in sharing their outdoor expertise with thousands of Scouts and Scouters.

(Adam served as SPL for his council troop at the 2001 National Scout Jamboree, and enjoyed visiting TOAP.)

Revised 10/12/01