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2001 National Jamboree:
American Indian Village

by Dominique Baker

American Indian Village gatewayThe OA American Indian Village returned to the 2001 National Jamboree this past summer, the fourth time the OA has presented this program area at a Jamboree. The 2001 Village featured the traditional demonstrations and craft work, along with many new and exciting activities.

Most notable was the inclusion of the American Indian Village as part of the Jamboree Merit Badge Midway. In addition to daily dance performances and craft demonstrations, the Village Staff taught Indian Lore Merit Badge to hundreds of Scouts. During the afternoons at the Village, Daily Living Exhibitions demonstrated different aspects of American Indian cultures.

Scouts worked on many American Indian crafts
Dance performances were always popular

Scouts could work on Indian Lore Merit Badge

There were also two evening powwows held at the Village this year, and all Arrowmen attending the Jamboree were welcome. Dancers and non-dancers alike enjoyed the spectacle of the powwow. The two powwows also raised money for the Maury Clancy Indian Campership Fund.

The staff of the Village featured some of the best and most knowledgeable Arrowman in country. These included dancers who were national finalists from NOAC, and American Indian crafts and culture experts from lodges all over the United States.

Scouts could learn basic dance steps
Dancers show respect for the flag

Thanks to the great work of many OA members, the Scouts, leaders, and visitors at the 2001 National Jamboree could take part in learning about American Indian culture, games, and outfits at the American Indian Village.

(Dominique, the 2001 Central Region Chief, helped out for a while at the American Indian Village.)

Revised 10/11/01.