Order of the Arrow Tuesday August 2, 2011 Boy Scouts of America


Arrowmen Arrive at Ridgecrest

Arrowmen arrive at Ridgecrest, NC to begin their week at Indian Summer. Unpacking gear was top priority to begin the week.



Arrowmen Join Nations to Form Bonds of Brotherhood

Monday night Arrowmen joined a nation, tribe, and clan to being their week. Clans met Tuesday night to discuss Servant Leadership and all four nations will assemble on Wednesday night for a Gathering of Nations.

Activities and Recreation: ARC

Guests at Indian Summer take part in a wide variety of activities from the Brave Cave to volleyball, dodgeball, basketball and open gym. ARC is responsible for the conservation project to improve the 1.4 mile Rhododendron Trail at Ridgecrest.

Man on the Street

Meet the Arrowmen at Indian Summer and learn their answer to our daily question.

Meet Northeast Region Chief Travis Cunningham

Get to know Northeast Region Chief Travis and learn about the activities he enjoys in the great outdoors.

Revised 8/02/2011

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