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Arrowmen Divided into Tribes to Promote Bonding and Fellowship

All Indian Summer participants have been divided into four nations--Plateau, Plains, Northern Woodlands, and Southern Woodlands--each with three tribes consisting of several clans. Each clan groups participants together of roughly the same age.

All information to be distributed at Indian Summer will be given during the clan meetings. At the first clan meeting, a clan leader will be chosen for the following day. Participation in these clan meetings is strongly encouraged; if every meeting is attended, a special participation pin is given that attaches to the Indian Summer Participation Patch.

The clan leader will help their clan make coup sticks, which will represent their clan. Materials will be given to Arrowmen to place on their coup sticks; however, Arrowmen are encouraged to add unique items to their coup stick to make it represent each member in their clan. At the closing gathering, the best fifteen coup sticks will be presented by a member of each winning clan.

This activity is provided to Indian Summer participants by the Activities and Recreation Committee.

Revised 08/02/2003.

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