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Staff Gathers in Fellowship to Kick-off Week Long Event

National officersThe time was 7:00 p.m. The lights were turned down and National Chief Nick Digirolamo stepped up to the podium. The Indian Summer staff was seated and you could feel the aura of anticipation. "Welcome to Indian Summer 2003..." So began the staff kick-off.

During the initial twenty minutes of the gathering, the Indian Summer program vice chiefs and region chiefs were introduced. Roses were presented to the National Chief’s mother to recognize her for her support, as well as to the lady whom National Vice Chief Rich Moore cited as the "nicest woman you’ll ever meet," our Ridgecrest representative, Rose Verlander. The staff then listened to some wise words from Ron Bell, the Indian Summer lead adviser, and Clyde Mayer, the national director.

Whitewater Bluegrass CompanyAfter the introductions and recognitions, a local bluegrass band, the Whitewater Bluegrass Company, featuring Grammy Award winning banjo player, Mark Pruett, treated the staff to a performance. They played several songs and got the staff in an upbeat and enthusiastic mood. Various staff members were line dancing jigs and getting ready to spread their energetic attitudes with their incoming fellow Arrowmen.

About thirty minutes into the concert, Nick Williams and the Activities and Recreation Committee, unveiled a feast that consisted of nachos, pretzels, soda, and ice cream. The sounds of bluegrass continued to saturate the atmosphere as the staff gathered in fellowship and discussed the upcoming week.

The gathering was a preview of the great time all are going to have at Ridgecrest, North Carolina. The event has an awesome schedule of activities and a very competent staff. The excitement level is sky-high, and one can only imagine how the week will unfold.

Revised 08/02/2003.

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