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Man on the Street, Saturday

What are you looking forward to at Indian Summer?

Ryan E.




Ryan ďChunkĒ E., 19, of Tsoiotsi Tsogalii Lodge, of Thomasville, NC
"Iím going to learn all about American Indian Events, so I can take that information back to my lodge and improve our program."

Cory D., 15, of Klahican Lodge,
of Wilmington, NC

"Iím looking forward to doing a lot of dancing and having a great time!"

Cory D.
Jonathan O.


Jonathan O., 14, of Siwinis Lodge,
of Los Angeles, CA

"This week I want to learn more about the Order while having fun."

Phil G., 15, of Kola Lodge,
of Longmont, CO

"Iím really looking forward to the educational programs and the inter-lodge activities."

Phil G.

Revised 08/02/2003.

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