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Where Are They Now: Chris Rogers

Chris Rogers was the 1997 National Chief. He is a Vigil Honor member of Chemokemon Lodge. Prior to serving as national chief, Rogers also served in youth offices as a three term lodge chief and section chief of C-3. Among the highlights of his youth service, Rogers includes helping guide the development of the Order's first strategic plan and his twelve summers on camp staff.

Rogers graduated from the University of Wisconsin at Whitewater in 2000, majoring in elementary education. Putting his degree to good use, Rogers currently teaches sixth grade at Dranesville Elementary in Leesburg, Virginia.

In August of 2002, Chris married his wife Krista. Krista and Chris are both baseball fans and like spending summers together working at summer camp. In their spare time, the Rogers enjoy outdoor sports like hiking and rollerblading.

At Indian Summer, Rogers is working on the Activities and Recreations Committee. About that, he notes, "It is always a pleasure to work with activities and recreations... this has been one of the most fun staffs to work on."









Revised 08/04/2003.

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