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Pow-Wow Brings Second Day to Great Close

Fancy dancerApproaching the Ridgecrest Gym, participants heard a cacophony of sound.  The sound had a rhythmic beat drawing them nearer.  Upon entering the building, nearly 100 dancers were moving to the drum.  This was the realization of participants as they took part in the Northern-style Pow-wow on Sunday evening at Indian Summer. Dancers young and old jumped right in and moved to the drum.

Road House drum teamThe music for the evening was provided by two drum teams: the nationally acclaimed Hawk Talon Singers, providing most of the northern music, and Road House, providing most of the southern music. The two drum teams were accompanied by hundreds of bells and clackers on the dancers' outfits.

The evening featured many different styles of dance including a lady's dance, grass dance and straight dance.  Later in the evening, the fancy dancers with their elaborate outfits took the floor. By special request, there was also a traditional crow-hop dance. The final dance of the evening was a lady's choice. Interspersed among the specialized dances were intertribal dances to get everyone out on the floor and building the bonds of brotherhood.

DancerThe youngest scout present, 12-year-old Matthew, danced a special dance with National Chief Nick Digirolamo and National Vice Chief Rich Moore.

This pow-wow was a northern-style pow-wow, meaning dancers moved in a clock-wise direction around the center of the circle. While most dancers were in some type of Native American outfit, some without special outfits were swept up in the spirit of the evening and were drawn into the dance ring.  It was a great experience for everyone.

During the evening, a collection for the Maury Clancy Campership Fund was held, raising over $750 to send scouts of American Indian heritage to summer camp.

Dance participants are now looking forward to the Southern-style Pow-wow and gourd dance on Tuesday night.

Revised 08/04/2003.

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