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Chiefly Thoughts

National Chief Nick DigirolamoBrothers,

The opening days of Indian Summer rocked Ridgecrest, North Carolina as over 900 Arrowmen filled Ridgecrest Conference Center. With the conference nearly half over, the atmosphere is intense. Arrowmen have spent over two days improving their knowledge and becoming more familiar with the traditions upon which our Order was founded. Saturdayís show was inspirational, Sundayís powwow was exciting, and the training has been incredible.

Iíve had the opportunity to meet many Arrowmen from across the country and itís interesting to see the diversity brought to the Indian Summer. I had the privilege to participate in the powwow Sunday night and wear authentic Southern Plains straight dance clothes. I also got some dance pointers from a 12-year-old Arrowman named Michael (who just started dancing and constructing his own fancy dance outfit). I can't wait for the second half of Indian Summer because it's going to be as action-packed and fun-filled as the first!

Yours in Brotherhood,

Nick Digirolamo





Revised 08/04/2003

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