Wesley Seaman – crew chief

Wesley Seaman hails from Edmond, OK and is a Vigil Honor member of Ma-Nu Lodge. He currently lives in Searcy, AR where he attends Harding University. Originally a ceremonialist, Wesley went on to serve his chapter, lodge and section before assisting with ArrowTour planning and execution as the 2014 Southern Region Chief. Wesley's favorite memories in Scouting are attending the Order of the Arrow High Adventure programs and meeting friends for a lifetime. Wesley is looking forward to creating more friendships and memories during ArrowTour and at NOAC this summer.

Taylor Bobrow – road crew member

Taylor Bobrow is a Vigil Honor member of Blue Heron Lodge. Taylor began his career as an Arrowman serving in his chapter as a vice chief and ceremonies team chairman. He then went on to serve his lodge, section, and the Order of the Arrow as a whole. His history with the Order dates back far before his induction to his memory of Arrowmen conducting an Arrow of Light ceremony for his pack. Taylor has played a significant role in the planning of ArrowTour as part of his duties as the 2014 national vice chief. When asked about his thoughts on ArrowTour and the Order's centennial, Taylor said, "There has been no better time to be an Arrowman then now. I cannot wait to take this great energy on the road and share it with the country."

Kenneth Erickson – road crew member

Kenneth Erickson is an Eagle Scout in Troop 409 from King, NC. Kenneth served as a vice chief of finance for Wahissa Lodge and the 2012 SR-7B service coordinator before being elected the 2013 SR-7B section chief. He currently  serves as the youth lead for Arrowmen Press Corps. Kenneth is a freshman at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC where he is majoring in fisheries, wildlife, and conservation biology with a minor in political science. On campus, Kenneth is involved in the Coastal Conservation Association, Student Wolfpack Club, and serves as the Student Director of Athletics for Student Government. His favorite Scouting memory was attending OA Trail Crew at Philmont and doing rock work with crew OATC 720. Kenneth is looking forward to ArrowTour because of the opportunity to meet Arrowmen from across the country.

AJ Kelly – road crew member

AJ Kelly is the Scoutmaster for Troop 375 in Virginia Beach, VA and a Vigil Honor member of Blue Heron Lodge. AJ attends Old Dominion University where he is a senior majoring in economics. He was inducted into the Order of the Arrow in 2007 and became an Eagle Scout in 2009. It wasn't until AJ was nearing the end of his time as a youth in the Boy Scouts of America when he began to become more heavily involved in the Order. He was recruited by fellow lodge members at the 2010 National Scout Jamboree to become their contingent leader for the 2011 SR-7A Conclave. After experiencing his first section event, AJ quickly began to make the Order a important part of his life. Since then AJ has served as Section SR-7A Secretary, Vice Chief, and Chief as well as two terms as lodge chief for Blue Heron Lodge. AJ cherishes all the friends and experiences that the Order has given him over the past years and is looking forward to meeting more friends and experiencing new things with ArrowTour.

Nick Oliver – road crew member

Nick Oliver is an Eagle Scout from Winchester, Kentucky, and a Vigil Honor member of Kawida Lodge in the Bluegrass Council. In the past, he has served as a lodge chief and as the 2014-2015 SR-6 section chief.  He is a Founder's Award recipient who attends Morehead State University where he majors in convergent media. He hopes to become a sports broadcaster. The Order of the Arrow has played a great role in developing Nick's leadership and has led him to meet and become friends with people all over the country. Nick is excited to be on ArrowTour and he can't wait to meet you!

Andrew Sorenson – road crew member

Andrew Sorenson is from Virginia Beach, VA and currently serves as the section chief of SR-7A.  He first got involved in Scouting at age eleven when his brother was convinced to join by some of his friends. Even though he wasn't that interested when he first started attending meetings, Andrew's attitude changed shortly after he attended his first campout. Flash forward a couple of years and he stepped into the ceremonies ring at Pipsico Scout Reservation for his Pre-Ordeal ceremony.  With both the centennial anniversary and NOAC in this year, Andrew says, "I can't even grasp how lucky I am to be a youth during this time. Throw in ArrowTour and you get the perfect recipe for a priceless year."