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NOAC Road Kit
Posted by Kevin M., National Promotions Team - October 30, 2011

Have you been tasked with promoting the 2012 National Order of the Arrow Conference for your lodge? NOAC is a huge event and you may feel a bit overwhelmed and not know where to start your promotions journey. Not to fear, the national promotions team has compiled a NOAC Road Kit to help guide your way on the road to NOAC promotions. This road kit contains flyers, promtional photos, Facebook and Twitter posts, promotional videos and so much more. The NOAC Road Kit even comes with a promotions checklist to help you find the best route to NOAC 2012.

The NOAC Road Kit has everything that lodges will need to plan for NOAC, develop a contingent and enjoy your week. Resources in the road kit have been developed with lodge promotion coordinators in mind to give you and your lodge the best possible tools to make NOAC 2012 your next stop. Check back often to find updated resources in the road kit as more information about NOAC 2012 is made available.

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Revised 10/30/2011