Order of the Arrow at Jamboree



OA Shows - Mysterium Compass

What is the Mysterium Compass? An exciting new adventure will launch at the next National Scout Jamboree. The Order of the Arrow will produce an 'augmented reality' game for all scouts called THE MYSTERIUM COMPASS. It will be a live-action adventure combining elements of video gaming with theme-park style immersion, actors, and theatrical settings.

Why? Because life is a mystery: a puzzle full of difficult choices. And THE MYSTERIUM COMPASS provides directions for life. Can you keep your wits - and your values - about you while trying to out-do the competition? Will you choose self or others in facing the challenges of life? We'll help you explore the questions, "What do I know? What do I believe? What do I need to help me find my way?"

THE MYSTERIUM COMPASS will be both absorbing and interactive with loads of stimulating fun and crazy stunts that test your cool under pressure and powers of observation while racing from one station to the next. It blends life-lessons with improvisational actors, theatrical props and special effects. The 2010 Jamboree will be infused with a "heightened reality" of intrigue, mystery and adventure.

Find your way to THE MYSTERIUM COMPASS...where being lost was never more fun!