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Contingent Registration Overview

Note: Arrowmen desiring to serve on staff should apply through a different process using the staff application, available at after September 30, 2007.

Step 1: Complete Form A (Due 11/15/07) - Council Contingent Coordinator Appointments. 
  • Completed and signed by Lodge Key 3.
  • Requires appointment of a youth and adult to coordinate the council's contingent to all five ArrowCorps5 sites.  Contingent Coordinators will be a primary contact for correspondence from the national office.
  • A valid email address must be sent for the youth and adult Contingent Coordinators.
  • Estimate the number of participants that the council anticipates sending to each site.  This estimate neither commits the council nor secures those positions.
Step 2: Complete Form B (Due 02/01/08) - Council Deposit Transmittal Form
  • Completed by Council Contingent Coordinators. 
  • Include the name, birth date, and sites to be attended for each participant. 
  • Include $100 non-refundable deposit per participant per site.  For instance, Johnny Arrowman is going to the Virginia and Missouri ArrowCorps5 sites - the council should submit two $100 non-refundable deposits for a total of $200.
  • Councils may reproduce Form B as necessary.
  • A council may wish to send in several waves of deposits (e.g. send Form B on January 10 and then again on January 25 when more Arrowmen have signed up).  This is acceptable.  Indeed, councils are encouraged to submit deposits as soon as possible to secure slots at the desired sites.
  • The national office will mail a paper receipt (which is Form D).  Council Coordinators should retain copies of these receipts as part of the council's payment records.
Step 3: Complete Form C (05/01/08) - Participant Agreement and Information Forms.
  • Form C requires the participants' contact information, dietary requirements, preferred recreation activity, medical information, agreement with the Code of Conduct and Statement of Understanding, and approval by the Scout Executive.
  • Contingent Coordinators should distribute Form C to each participant.  Copies will be available at after February 1, 2008.
  • Form C is completed by each participant (and their parent/guardian if under 18).
  • Once completed, Contingent Coordinators should gather copies of Form C from each participant, obtain Scout Executive approval, and forward them to the national office.  Copies of Form C may be submitted along with Form D, but contingents are encouraged to mail them as soon as possible to allow for appropriate planning
Step 4: Complete Form D (Due 05/01/08) - Council Fee Transmittal Form.
  • A copy will be mailed to the council office upon receipt of Form B. 
  • Completed by Council Contingent Coordinators.
  • Include any outstanding fees for all participants.
Step 5: Participants Complete Class 3 Medical Form (Due at Arrival)
  • Participants must bring a completed and signed BSA Personal Health and Medical Record, Class 3, No. 34412 to each project site they attend. 
  • Participants arriving without a Class 3 Medical Form will be sent home.