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Lodge Promo Packet
Who Should Use this Packet?

This packet should be used by lodges, sections, and councils to assist in providing information and promoting ArrowCorps5. Communication committees should use this information as part of their publications.

Lodge officers and contingent coordinators should use the step by step guide to assist in planning.

How to Use this Packet?

This packet is divided into several sections to better provide information and promotional material.

Section 1 contains a step by step guide for the contingent coordinators that outlines the entire process for attending ArrowCorps5.

Section 2 contains Frequently Asked Questions to assist in answering questions, followed by responsibility lists for lodge advisers, lodge chiefs, contingent coordinators, section chiefs, and section advisers.

Section 3 contains promotional ideas, the 5@5 attendance program, and travel ideas.

Section 4 contains presentation talking points.

Section 5 is material that can be printed and used in newsletters and other publications. An overview of what every Arrowman needs to know about ArrowCorps5 is included in a simple one page document. Each site is also detailed on separate pages so that a council may select the appropriate site to include in a publication.

When should this Packet be used?

Lodges, sections, and councils are encouraged to immediately start using this information.