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Bridger-Teton National Forest

What to Bring

Please remember to mark your gear.


  • Official Scout Uniform (BSA Uniform shirt, trousers, shorts, Scout socks, Scout belt, OA sash) for arrival, departure, opening and closing gatherings, pictures, etc.
  • Scout Activity Uniform (AC5 shirt or other Scout activity shirt, Scout pants or shorts) for evening programs
  • 2 or 3 one liter water bottles or a hydration pack
  • Plastic drinking cup
  • Flashlight and extra batteries
  • Hat - wide brim preferred if sun intolerant (baseball cap ok)
  • Pack or duffel bag (consider rain cover for additional protection)
  • Small, closable container, such as a small ditty bag, to hold personal "smellables" [new 6/25/08]
  • Chapstick / Lib balm -- SPF 15 is recommended
  • 1 Rain jacket & pants -- vinyl or heavy non-breathable material are NOT recommended (Gortex or other breathable are better since we will work in the rain)
  • 1 Swimming suit and towel
  • Personal toiletry kit containing biodegradable liquid soap in a container, comb, toothbrush, metal mirror, washcloth, toothpaste, etc.
    Partial roll of toilet paper (personal emergency use)
  • Bath towel
  • Mosquito / insect repellant
  • Jacket Fleece or wool recommend
  • Camp shoes for use in camp
  • Sandals for showering
  • 5 Extra pairs of polypropylene socks and work boot socks -- wool or breathable fabric
  • 5 Scout related t-shirts or wicking material shirts
  • 5 Sets of underwear
  • 4 Long sleeve shirts
  • Light jacket as the evenings may get cold (think "layers")
  • Sun protection (SPF-30 or higher)
  • Sunglasses
  • Day Pack -- to carry lunch, water, rain gear, etc.
  • Large bandana (s)
  • Personal first aid kit
  • Disposable camera (optional)
  • Pocket knife - 4" blade or less (optional)
  • Camp stool/chair/sitting pad (optional)
  • Trekking poles (optional)AC5 Physical/medical form (REQUIRED FOR PARTICIPATION NO EXCEPTIONS)

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

  • 1 Pair of leather work gloves
  • 1 Pair of work boots, or hiking boots, or sturdy shoes that protect above the ankle.
  • 2 Long sleeve work shirts -- breathable fabric is best, cotton is NOT recommended
  • 2 Pairs of long pants (jeans), or bib overalls or carharts, etc. for working


  • Sleeping bag (Rated at 20 degrees F or below)
  • Tent (two-man with a rain fly) (shared with another member of your contingent)
  • Ground sheet
  • Ground pad
  • Sleeping clothes worn only for sleeping

Updated: June 25, 2008