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Bridger-Teton Registration Notes

Know your Council name and Number:
As with other national OA events, all registration for Bridger-Teton is by council contingent. We do not have lodge names or numbers in our database, just the council name and number. Please use your council name and number when asking any questions to help speed up getting the answer.

Contingents that have members from multiple councils:
Some council contingents include youth or adults from another council. This is usually done to ensure two-deep adult leadership. Participants from one council who are coming as part of another council's contingent for Bridger-Teton should know that council's name and number, in addition to their own.

Check-In location:
Contingent check-in processing for Bridger-Teton is planned to take place inside the main West doors of the Jackson Hole High School. If you are driving to the school, you will turn off the main highway to High School Road, then go West on the road past the school, then turn left on the access road, then turn left again into the West side main parking lot. From the west lot, enter the school through main West doors. If you are using the shuttle from the airport, the vans will drop you by the North-West corner of the school, and it is a short walk to the main West doors from there.

Arrival Date and Location:
All participants are scheduled to arrive at Bridger-Teton on Saturday, July 26th. Participants will check in at our Base location at the Jackson Hole High School, 1910 High School Road, Jackson, WY 83001. Please plan to arrive between 9:00am and 5:00pm on July 26th. Some limited early arrivals are allowed with advance permission, if needed due to flight schedules. See the Map and Directions page for details on getting to the school.

Departure Date:
All participants will be departing on Saturday, August 2. The last meal provided will be a Philmont trail breakfast from 7:00-8:00am. Participants need to depart before 11:00am.

Special Arrival or Departure dates:
To accommodate flight schedules, some contingents have had to make special arrangements to arrive early or depart later than the regular schedule. To avoid any surprises, please confirm any special arrival or departure arrangements via email to our registration director, Joe Glenski (, before July 10th. Please email directly to Joe for this confirmation.

"Form C" required:
All participants must complete the ArrowCorps5 Participant Agreement and Information Form ("Form C") , available on the national OA website ( This form provides the details on each participant, including which recreation options they prefer. A Form C must be completed and signed by each participant (and their parent/guardian if the participant is under 18). Once completed, Contingent Coordinators should gather copies of Form C from their participants, obtain Scout Executive approval, and send the forms to the national OA office. All Form C's were due at the national OA office by May 1. If you did not send your Form C in yet, do so right away.

Participant fee information:
The ArrowCorps5 participant fee is $250 for all fees that were paid by May 1st. Fees paid after that date will be $300. All ArrowCorps5 participant fees should have been received at the national OA office by now. If you know you still have any fees outstanding, please send them in immediately. The ArrowCorps5 participant fee is $300 for any person not fully paid by May 1st

Bridger-Teton is Full:
The Bridger-Teton site is filled, with over 750 paid participant deposits, and about 250 approved staff. If for some reason your council will not be using all the spots you have paid deposits for, please ask your staff adviser to let the national OA office know.